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Almost there

This is one of the better GPS app outside of Apple Maps. I love the number of lanes it shows while drive and which lane to stay in before exiting the highway. The required speed limit for the road has been accurate and the navigation has been accepted. My disappointment has been in how slow it responds to redirecting when a turn is missed or when it suggests a faster route. You can drive another 10 yards before it catches up with you to get you back on track. This almost a deal breaker and hope the next update addresses this critical issue. Also, it has trouble locating me when sitting in my driveway and im ready to goto my destination. It doesnt locate until I begins driving so Im not sure if I have to make a left or right when I leave. Overall is a good app and will continue to use it.

Nothing is for free!

The app looks nice but without paying at least $8.99 its totally useless! Thanks for trying to get my money!


Free is batter

Tricky to have Supports feedback, but App is pretty good

I purchased Sygic Premium+Traffic World Perpetual license in February, which worked fine for that month. Lately, the App was not recognizing my purchase and it was quite tricky to have their support feedback (which I eventually had contacting their facebook page). Aside this issue, I cant complain about theapp which, as a matter of effect, I find pretty good, quite better than other GPS apps that I had tried.

Best traffic app

Best navigation app I have used so far. Works even offline!!!

Wont load map regions

When loading for first time, hangs on the screen that is trying to load map regions when trying to select a map.


I Upgraded and all I get are messages to upgrade. Works worse than Waze. Only positive aspect is offline. I want. Y money back. Crap application


Très bon GPS

Support doesnt respond to enquiries

I purchased ($29.99) Sygic Premium+Traffic World Perpetual license in February, which worked fine for that month only. Last weeks, tryng to use the app, my purchase is no longer recognized. I sent numerous emails to Sygic support and submitted the problem 3 times to the Sygic support page but had zero response

Head up display service

I have been purchased the head up display and nothing gets, the only thing I got is a passive km and time not active i.e like a picture,I tried to get back my money but no way , I wonder why

Latest update

Great app. Since your last update seems little difficult to enter destination address. Or Im entering in a wrong way please clarify. Thanks


Sygic the best


I purchased this at full price. The new feature that let you see the real street needs to be on sale before I buy it.

Horrible app. A waste of time and money

Crashes all the time. Wont download maps. I cant use it on my iPad at all. Crashes on launch. I was hopeful when I bought it and I feel robbed of my money. Lifetime maps and traffic sounded too good to be true and it is.

Please add Sygic to Apple CarPlay

It would be an added attraction to create an application for adding Sygic to Apple CarPlay

EV chargers??!

Where are the EV chargers on the map???

hangs all the time

it hangs all the time and i thought purchasing it would make a difference

İt doesnt work

I dont know what happened but this app now at me dont work anymore maybe because of new update .if I delete it and reinstall it i have too much places saved inside these places will keep inside or also will be deleted? Thanks for cooperating.


Nice app

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